Skin Care Products that are LIT.

FLAWSOME (adj.) An individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless.

Hey babes, I know I know, I’ve been slacking on the posts. You know there’s this thing called life, and it happens but I promise to make a better effort to come at you with those blogs. This is probably going to be one of my favorite blogs, I guess because at one point in my life, I had really bad skin. I literally did not feel comfort in my own skin, pretty crazy right? Although recently my skin as taken a 360 turn around and I couldn’t be more SHOOK.. Continue reading “Skin Care Products that are LIT.”

Behind every beautiful girl is…

” You’re gonna be happy,” said life, “but first I’ll make you strong.

Hey babes, I hope you have a great weekend, and hope you have an even better week to come. This post will be a little different than most, not beauty related but REAL, and this hits close to home.  I’m sure every women has gone through heart ache, and betrayal. Although, that on its self is very difficult to deal with it, to me its actually not. The hardest part is actually the steps to follow.. Continue reading “Behind every beautiful girl is…”

What I’m currently diggin’.

Work Hard.    Head High.    Stay Humble.

Hey babes,  hope your week has started off to an awesome start. Positive vibes always! Lately, I’ve been trying out some new products some new and some old, and honestly they have really impressed me.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good drug store find, but every now and then I like to splurge on some high-end products too because why the heck not?  Continue reading “What I’m currently diggin’.”

Must Haves for your #GirlBoss Budget.

Sassy, Classy, & Bad-assy” -#BossBabe

Hey babes, hope your having the most chill & relaxing Sunday funday ever. I know I am. I’m sitting here deciding the most important question of the day… what to eat? haha, because it is not just any ordinary Sunday it is Power and Game of Thrones day and you have to eat something good. If you haven’t seen either show then you are definitely not living and what is life, I suggest after reading this blog look them up. You will thank me later…. better yet, your welcome 🙂 Continue reading “Must Haves for your #GirlBoss Budget.”